Events of 3/17/2018

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Starts: Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:00 am
Ends: Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:00 pm
Duration: 0 Days, 8 Hours, 0 Minutes

Directions to the Field
I am going to assume that everyone knows where Estacada Oregon is (if you are not so sure, find Google maps, it is your friend). Pass through Estacada going east, and continue to head east on Clackamas Highway 224 . As you approach the top of the hill, you will see Fall Creek Road. Turn left onto Fall Creek Road, it takes a couple twists, then becomes Divers Road. Almost as soon as you're on Divers Road, you come to a stop, at Tumala Mountain Road. Turn Right onto Tumala Mountain Road, and follow it for about 10 miles till see a fork to right with a blue gate and a clear cut to the left. I will have a sign up to indicate the turn.

*********GOOGLE MAPS LINK******** ... authuser=0

I will have waivers on hand to fill out.

facebook Event Link:

8:00- chrono opens
9:30- chrono close
10:30- first op starts
12:30pm-First scenerio ends
1:30pm- second scenerio starts
4:00pm-second scenerio ends

FPS limits -Chrono with .20g bbs
AEG/HPA- 400fps
DMR semi only- 475fps
Bolt action- 550fps

*Wear what you want we will use arm bands*
yellow team Commander-
Blue team Commander-

Required Item
-ANSI Z87.1 rated full seal eyepro
-Death rag
- Bio Ammo
- Lower Face Mask Protection (Optional)
-Wrist watch (recommended)

Scenarios: Sector Control, Capture the flag, Attack-Defend, etc.

If there's enough interest I will run the OP from the previous game as well.
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