Events of 7/8/2017

Satellite 2

Starts: Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:00 pm
Ends: Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:00 am
Duration: 0 Days, 7 Hours, 0 Minutes

Sat 2 gameplay
It has been two relatively peaceful years since that terrible night in the small town in a secluded oregon town. The military has of course covered up the incident. The use of a new anti-biochemical bomb was used to raze the town to the ground killing everyone in the town and destroying the reservoir that contained all of the contaminated water, or so they had thought.
Another town is Having issues with a mass incursion of violence and civil unrest with small scattered reports of gruesome murders. The national guard has been again tasked to investigate and bring order to the town.

Facebook page: ... 8634193603

Price to play $25
This is a survival Horror game with limited ammo and actors.
200 rounds per person (more rounds will be issued at the second half.)
To get more ammo at the second half you will need to capture objectives.
If you want to use your own bbs Bag one in 200 and bag the other in 20 bbs per bag

1.14 joules max single fire only (350 fps with a .2g BB)
Hpa systems and gas guns will be chronoed with a .32 g bb
Hpa systems will need a tournament lock and a FCU lock (If applicable)

The only melee weapons that will be allowed are the ones provided by us for gameplay aspects.
No plastic or rubber knifes.
Camping is available.

DFO waiver:]]79iwypgV2pUM3AtNnBzTTA

Camp R&R Waiver: ... oft-waiver

Glancing Hammer INC -Solid/ Civilian\

National guard - US In current theatre camo (Multicam, Marpat, or ACU) - Matching top and bottoms

Required safety gear:
Eyepro Ansi Rated Z87+ (Stamped steel is acceptable, just remember with stamped steel you have less visability.)
Flash light
Red death rag.
Red glow stick(at night death)
Full face protection is not required, but it is encouraged there will be a lot of close engagements.
You might want to have a headlamp with a red light to navigate when you die.

K&M should have a couple rentals plus red rags.

Objectives: there are quite a few infected artifacts that would be good for research or sell for a hefty price on the black market.
You will also need to hold a couple areas of interest to see if you can discover what information can be recovered.
Possible antidotes
Research books
Special infected trinkets
Food samples
Gas for generator.
Audio journals.

Chrono open 2:00pm
Chrono close4:15pm
Game briefing4:30pm
Game on 5PM
Game index 8PM
Break 45 min
Part 2Game on 9 pm
Part 2 Game end 12am

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