Events of 10/13/2017

Zombie Game/Clan Wars I

Starts: Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:00 pm
Ends: Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:00 pm
Duration: 0 Days, 22 Hours, 0 Minutes

Come out and play at Nitehawk Airsoft!

Here is our annual zombie game! We will be doing a clan wars game on Saturday.

For clan wars, there will be anywhere between 4-6 teams battling it out on the field. Teams will be divided up on the spot and identified with 4-6 colors. The player count determines how many factions there are. We would like 20+ per faction.

There are no camo or weapon restrictions for this game, so feel free to bring and use what you want! HOWEVER, there will be weapon restrictions for the zombie game!

Springers or gas pistols only. It must be under 350 FPS with a .2 gram BB!
Nerf or other foam toys are allowed!

Cost: $10 for Friday, $15 for Saturday. $20 for the whole weekend! Additional $25 for rental (includes mask, gun, and two hicaps)

As always, we will be giving away a gun on Saturday! Even two guns if we break 80 players again!

Approximate schedule:
5PM - Gates open
6:15PM - Safety briefing starts (don’t be late or you won’t play!)
6:30PM - Game on!
11PM - Games over
Midnight - Lights out, keep it down and let anyone who is camping get some rest.
8:30AM - Registration opens
10AM - Safety briefing
10:15AM - Game on!
4PM - Raffle, announcements
5PM - Gates close

Read our rules here: ... ules#13728

Read our chrono policy and procedure here: ... -procedure

Need help with the sniper/DMR/LMG rules? Read here: ... ed-to-know

Directions to field: ... s-to-field
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