Events of 11/11/2017

Command and Conquer #6 (open skirmish)

Starts: Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:00 am
Ends: Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:00 pm
Duration: 0 Days, 9 Hours, 0 Minutes

Come play at Nitehawk Airsoft!

Our last command and conquer game of the year! We play gamemodes designed for max trigger time. Come out, invite your friends, and shoot some plastic at each other!

This is also our food drive! For every 3 cans of food you bring in, you will get 3 additional raffle tickets! We will be giving away TONS of raffle prizes! This is our time to give back to you guys!

Also, bring back your "dog tags" or lanyards from previous games for additional raffle tickets! You don't want to forget them!

Cost: $15 regular, additional $25 for basic rental (includes mask, gun, and two hicaps).

Raffle: Yes! It's gonne be YUUUGEE. You can win big league.

Approximate schedule:
8AM - Gates open
10AM - Safety briefing starts (don’t be late or you won’t play!)
10:15AM - Game on!
12PM - Break for lunch
12:45PM- Games resume
4PM - Raffle, announcements
5PM - Gates close

Read our rules here: ... ules#13728

Read our chrono policy and procedure here: ... -procedure

Need help with the sniper/DMR/LMG rules? Read here: ... ed-to-know

Directions to field: ... s-to-field
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