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Starts: Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:00 am
Ends: Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:00 pm
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CIVIL WAR Ducks v Beavers This game is based off football. We are lucky to have 2 great Airsoft leader to captain the teams. Cyclops from Team F.O.A.D will be captain of the Ducks and Grounded from Team Phantom Fury will lead the Beavers.We have built 18' goal posts and have all kind of cool props. This will be fast paced style of games Please read through the game formats. We even will have some pistol only events
Civil War Airsoft!! All the scenarios are based off football. Come out and suport your team. The field opens at 9am and the safety briefing will be at 9:45 am. We will then have a 30 minute lunch break around 1pm, and we will have $5 hot dog lunches for sale also. Then we close the field down at 3pm.
Cost: $25 entry fee, Rentals are $35 and that includes entry fee.
We require full seal eyepro, not cheap safety glasses!! We also require full face protection. Bio BB's only at the Swamp. Please leave BB's in their original packaging, if we see BB's not in original package you will not be allowed to use them.
We will have BIO BB's and eye/face pro for sale. Our field is Polar Star friendly, with a full air station that gives up to 4500psi fills. If you are under the age of 16 you must have an adult with you at the field. For any other information please contact us at S&F Paintball and Airsoft. The Swamp's field address is 38488 Shady Oak Ln. Lebanon OR 97355
Phone # (541) 409-0511

Game 1-3 – Coin Toss game time 10 minutes PISTOLS ONLY
PISTOL ONLY this game special rules for customers with rentals Each team lines up across from each other on the north and south boundary lines. Team Captains start in the center of the field with the head ref. The ref flips the coin, who ever side lands face up fires first to start the game. This is an elimination game (NO RESPAWNS). The team that has the most players alive at the end of the round gets 1 point per game. With a 3 game total for this round. The team that wins the coin toss rounds will have the choice of offense or defense for game #4.
Game 4-5 – Moving the Chains
Game time: 40 minutes
Offense goal: “move the ball” by turning flags to eventually score a touchdown (ie: turn #3 flag for touchdown) or kick a field goal. Flags must be turned to advance on the field (IE) get the first down. The offense will have a designated ball carrier/kicker. The football only comes into play at Flag #3 if the offense chooses to kick a field goal. If the ball carrier gets hit, it will cause a turnover. Offensive players cannot go past the line of scrimmage (IE) the white flagging that runs north to south on the field that they are trying to change) until it is turned. While playing offense, player has unlimited respawns. Offense must respawn only at their goal post every time.
Defense goal: Start at #1 Flag station, stop offense from turning flags, or defense can cause a turnover. Defense cannot pass the line of scrimmage (IE) the white flagging that runs north to south on the field, offense is trying to change). When defensive players are hit, they must fall back to the next consecutive scrimmage line behind them and must stay behind that scrimmage line. While playing defense, player only has 1 life per scrimmage line.
This is what will happen for flag change or turnover:
Flag change: The referee will blow the whistle and stop the clock. The defense will fall back to the next consecutive flag/scrimmage line and must start defending that flag, once the whistle is blown the game will restart. The offense will remain at the line of scrimmage (ie: flag just pulled) until whistle is blown and restart.
Turnover: The referee will blow the whistle and stop the clock. The ref will take the ball from the current offense, give it to the designated ball carrier for the team that was on defense. The teams will then switch offensive and defensive roles and will play the field in reverse. The game will continue on same timeline.
Field description: Goal post will be placed at Poison Apple and SanVenganza. There will be four scrimmage lines on the field. With white cable and flagging ribbon. There will be flag stations in the center of the scrimmage lines and in the Poison Apple fort and SanVenganza fort.
Once first 40 min game is finished, Teams will switch sides from original start, and will start a 2nd game of move the chains.
Game 6 – Throwing the Hail Mary
Game time: 60 minutes
The goal for each team is to take their team footballs and throw them into their designated nets (ie: passing net targets). Which will be located in the opposing teams’ area. Each team will have 7 footballs. Each team will have 3 targets. Each team will have unlimited respawns. Respawn point will be their goal post.
If a ball is thrown and misses the net, the opposing team cannot move the ball. Footballs can only be handled or moved by their own team.
Game 7 – Sudden Death Overtime
Game time: 20 minutes
Take & hold bus flag
Unlimited respawns for each team.
Respawn point will be their designated goal post.
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