Events of 7/1/2017

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Starts: Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:00 am
Ends: Sat Jul 01, 2017 5:00 pm
Duration: 0 Days, 8 Hours, 0 Minutes

July Game

Special Rules: Green team will have to be in squads and works as teams, if you want to be a lone operator then please be on the tan team.
Mission Statement: We will have two opposing forces. Green Team there will have two subgroups Alpha Group will be a small elite team that will start in the troop transport the mission is to be transported from the West End of the property to the East End. The delta Squad mission is to retrieve parts at guarded locations and to rescue any team members.
Medic rules apply. First and second times you get hit you get a white bandage for each time your hit on the arm. The third time that you're hit you get a red bandage on your arm and you have to be moved by the stretcher to the troop transport where you will have to be Worked on for 15 minutes before you have all your bandages removed and are redeployed to the field.
The tan team is the occupying Force. They will start the game spread out throughout the property to wherever they choose, they will not know the route that the troop transport will take, they do not know what the mission is of the Green Team. They have to try to stop the Green Team from any missions that come up.
DEATH RAGS ARE REQUIRED: You must have a death rag to play this game. If you don’t have one, we will gladly sell one to you for $2.00.
Where:Camp R&R
61635 NW Agaard Rd
Gales Creek, Oregon 97117
Map:Map to Camp R&R
Field Map:General Field Map
Cost:Cash on location, Visa and MasterCard
$15.00 Saturday Game Only, No Game on Sunday

Rules:Safety Rules & FPS Limits
Waivers:***Camp R&R Waiver***
Teams:Camp R&R is not affiliated with any specific teams and welcomes all individuals and air soft teams to come out and enjoy our field.
Saturday Day 1 Game
0800 - Field Opens – Turn in waivers, Show ID if you have them, pay fee and have your ammo checked at the snack shack
0800 - Registration / Chrono Opens
0900 - Registration / Chrono Closes
0930 - Safety Meeting
1000 - Game Starts
1230 - Lunch Break
1330 – Resume Game Play
1600 – Game Ends

Snack Shack food: Food is available at any time on Saturday and Sunday.
Also always available for $1, Soda Coke and Pepsi products, Powerade, Water, Chips, cookies and more…

Green Team (Woodland Type Camo)

Tan Team (Solid Color BDU', Black, civilian clothes)


Airsoft Essential’s
Air soft Essential’s will be on site selling Bio Ammo. You do not need to buy our vendors ammo but you do need to check in your ammo when you register. Any non-bio ammo will be tagged and held till after the event. If you are caught using non-bio you will be asked to leave and not given any refund.
4000 ct .28g for $19.00 bio
4000 ct .25g for $18.00 bio
4000 ct .20g for $17.00 bio
Mesh goggles for $15.00

K&M Airsoft Rentals
K&M will be out on Saturday with their rental guns, If you have any friends that want to try out airsoft here is an opportunity for them to try out some different guns and see how well they enjoy the game.
$25.00 to $30.00 per gun for the day, includes mask, 2000 BB’s, and a hicap.
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