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Safety Rules

AP Waiver:

Everyone who attends Airsoft Pacific hosted or sponsored games must provide a signed copy of this waiver. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, it's free to download and allows you to view and print PDF files. Those over 18 will be allowed to sign waivers directly at events, but minors will have to provide a waiver with a parental signature and contact information so that the signature can be verified. Parents can also sign in person at games or events.

Standard Field and Safety Rules:

The following rules are for the safety of the players. Those who are unable to follow these rules will be considered unsafe players and will not be welcome at future games and events.

  1. Always wear eye protection in the form of goggles, masks, or shooting glasses, or safety glasses. Never remove your eye protection while on the battlefield. Regular prescription glasses are NOT acceptable as safety eyeware. Must meet ANSI Z87.1 standards and wrap around the face.
  2. Do not fire in the deadpool (or designated "safe-zones") or through it. If you must testfire your replica, take it into the hot-zone and fire it there.
  3. All replicas in deadpool or safe-zones have magazine out, safety on, muzzle cap fixed. Sidearms should be holstered and on safe.
  4. Do not point your replica at anyone unless you are involved in a game on the battlefield and intend to shoot them.
  5. Do not fire at any person without proper eye protection.
  6. Do not fire at non-participants, including animals.
  7. No illegal drug use will be permitted. No alcohol use before or during a game.
  8. All "real" weapons including but not limited to firearms and fixed-blade knives are NOT allowed at games. Folding utility knives and pocket knives are allowed as an essential part of survival kit, but they may not be used in game-play.
  9. Carry replicas in boxes, bags, or carrying cases while transporting gear on or off the field. Do not remove your replica from it's case near a public highway, instead carry your gear in it's case to the designated staging area for the game.
  10. Remove all of your gear and trash from the field when you leave.

Standard FPS Maximum Limits:

Chronographs are used before games to test all replicas present. Any replicas that test too high will not be allowed in play. No exceptions will be made, please research upgrades and how they effect your replica before purchasing or installing them.

Standard 6mm .20g BBs
CQB/Indoor - All under 350 fps (1.13j)
Fully/Semi Automatics - 400 fps (1.5j)
Semi-Auto DMR (full auto disabled) - 475fps (2.1j)
Sniper Rifles (Bolt Action ONLY) - 550 FPS (2.8j)
*Limits Measured with .20g BB

.27g 8mm BBs
CQB/Indoor - All under 300 fps (1.1j)
Fully/Semi Automatics - 345 fps (1.5j)
Semi-Auto DMR (full auto disabled) - 405fps (2.1j)
Sniper Rifles (Bolt Action ONLY) - 475 FPS (2.8j)
*Limits Measured with .27g 8mm BB

Please note: these limits are set as maximums, individual event promoters may choose to set lower limits for their events. Always check stated limitations for individual events before assuming you can use your upgraded replica.

Rules of Engagement:

As a new player you'll want to know how these simple game mechanics work so you'll understand what to do in skirmish for different situations.


  • Anyone hit by a BB is hit and out.
  • If you are "hit" during a game, 1) immediately yell "HIT!" as loud as you can, 2) place an orange or bright red bandana (death rag) over your head, 3) walk back to the designated deadpool with the bandana clearly visible at all times. (Any rag, bandana, shirt, or bright cloth of the correct color is acceptable). Hold your replica in a non-threatening manner, do not fire.
  • DO NOT talk or interact with live players if you are hit. Dead men don't talk.
  • Ricochet BBs do not count as hits.
  • Hits to your replica do not count as hits.
  • When in doubt, call yourself out. Honor your hits.


All players who participate in CQB should understand that they will be engaging targets anywhere from 25 feet to even 5 feet away and because of that they may take painful hits. We recommend full masks, long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and hats/helmets be worn for CQB to avoid welts or breaking the skin. "Safety Kill" rules are not used for CQB, however players may surrender if they wish at any time to the opposing force to leave gameplay without any harm.


When you are too close in range to be comfortable taking a shot, you can call out "SAFETY KILL" on the player in your sights. Any clean shots with no cover under 30 feet are good candidates for safety kills. Do not call it unless the kill is already a given. Always honor safety kills when they are called on you just like honoring a "HIT". Safety kills can only be called on one individual at a time, not on entire groups. "SAFETY KILL" must be said loudly, as to simulate actually firing. Silence can only be maintained if you can tag the other player out. You must be able to point your replica and call "SAFETY KILL" on every person if there is more than one.


Players are allowed to "tap out" other players with rubber or plastic knives made for safe Airsoft use. Touch your opponent with your rubber knife and simply tell them that they're dead. Contact should be no more than a tap; there's absolutely no slashing, throwing, hitting or martial arts physical contact allowed. Contact must be made with a rubber or plastic replica of a knife, sticks and other objects do not work. DO NOT tap another player in the head, neck, face or groin. Players eliminated by this method should try and acknowledge their hit/death silently.


Anyone acting as a sniper with an upgraded bolt action rifle over 400 fps (1.5j) should carry a sidearm that can be used alternately when engaging targets closer than about 60 feet. If you have no sidearm and find yourself too close to the opposing force, you may either a) call a safety kill, b) wait until they move to a safe range or c) relocate to a safe range. Do not fire at targets closer than 60 feet.


This is called whenever a non-player enters the battlefield, or when a player enters the battlefield without eye protection. All players are expected to echo blind man so that everyone on the field hears it, and upon hearing it each player is expected to sit down and wait until "Game on" is called to continue the game. If necessary, game coordinators will explain the game to the non-participants.


This is a potentially dangerous situation, and is treated as if they don't know we are playing a game. All players are expected to walk to the deadpool in plain sight, either with their guns over their head or leaving their guns in the field. Upon reaching the deadpool each player is to place his replica with his gear and gather in a group at least 20 feet from the gear. This is to provide safety by comforting the officers by removing any equipment that appears threatening to them. Gameplay is not commenced until we explain the situation and are allowed to continue. If you are playing in a public location with no permission, or within city limits, police may have the authority to seize your replicas. So, don't do it.




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