Montana S.W.A.T. ()

Montana S.W.A.T.
Team Leader:
Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:17 pm
Team Location:
Butte MT, United States
Team Information
We are a descent-sized airsoft team derived in Butte, Montana known as S. W. A. T. (Special Weapons Airsoft Team), not to be confused with Special Weapons And Tactics. The diversity of our course is enormous, just as the diversity of our team is great! We have a woodland course that we train at in the mountains. In the middle of this course is an abandoned train tunnel that spans 2000 ft. easy! Our course provides a lot of cover and hiding places for tactical advantages. At the lowest point of our course are beaver ponds, great for practicing SEAL-like training before hiking up the steep sides of the middle of our course! Once you made it past the trees and enormous rock faces, you reach the tunnel. Dark, cool, and damp. Perfect for our CQC! I founded S. W. A. T. in 2001 and we have been airsofting ever since. We are well trained at CQC (Close Quarter Combat) and field missions. We train and take everything seriously; responding as a team and training as a team. We make everything as real as possible to get a real sense of things. In other words, we simulate the most real experience we can to get the most out of our training.

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