Sons Of Liberty (S.O.L.)

Sons Of Liberty
Team Leader:
Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:20 pm
Team Location:
Bellingham WA, United States
Team Information
Hey. We're the Sons of Liberty. The most badass, adrenaline pumped, bunch of kicka** motherf**kers that you've ever laid eyes on. You just better hope that you aren't in our sights, or your gonna have one hell of a bad day. We always play with honor, and we never quit. Not until we're scraping the enemy off from under neath our boots. This team is strictly invite only. Also, players must meet all of the qualifications for the team. If you are interested, email and we'll send you the qualifications. Hope to see you new recruits soon, and best of luck to you all trying to become a Son of Liberty.

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