Clan Targetwod (Airsoft)

Clan Targetwod
Team Leader:
Sargent Targetwod2
Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:46 pm
Team Location:
Portland OR, United States
Team Information
This team is a normal airsoft team that will do some Milsim stuff if we are able and can. We play to have fun but that requires honesty. If you are not an honest person, please don't join the team. Also I may record some gameplay footage for my YouTube channel so if you join you may be on my channel. Please DON'T use fowl language if you join this team. That includes when we contact each other. For a more complete list of rules and regs please visit the team's website. Also please keep in mind that I am just starting this team on March 25th of 2015 so expect things like the team picture and other finer details to come later. Thanks for looking and hope you join us! ~Commander Targetwod2

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