Looking for an M16A4

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Looking for an M16A4

Postby Yeoman » Tue May 16, 2017 11:27 am

Hi, sorry if I should put this in the Classified Ads but I wasn't sure about this request. I'm looking for anyone who will trade an M16A4 for any of the following:
M249 SAW
M14 With Scope
M4 Carbine w/ Folding Stock (And crane stock+buffer tube that aren't attached)

For the SAW I would prefer to get two M16A4's if possible, since I'm trying to get these for me and my girlfriend. For anyone that doesn't know, and M16A4 has a removable carry handle that sits on a rail, as well as an RIS rail system in front (quad rails).
Preferably the two brands I'm looking for are Bolt and A&K, but I'm open to other offers.
If interested send me a text or PM me:
503-three four eight-5679
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