PHIZ or anyone that might know more about the AMOEBA "Strike

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PHIZ or anyone that might know more about the AMOEBA "Strike

Postby Cyclops » Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:52 am

Just got this sniper a couple weeks back. I haven't played around with it much but plan to soon. Curious what some of you may think of this gun. Assuming you do or did have this. What upgrades did you do? My goal with this sniper is spend as little as possible to show the new players you don't have to dump $1k in upgrades. I heard that putting a shorter barrel in will help increase the FPS. Also looking at a 6.01 barrel with a flat hop. Dropping a 150 spring and hopefully thats it.
PHIZ I know you have had a lot of snipers in your time with airsoft. Had any luck with this gun? Thoughts about it? Same with anyone else.
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