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Product Reviews Forum Rules

Postby Matt » Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:49 am

  1. Choose the appropriate category for the type of product you want to review.
  2. ONLY post reviews. Discussion or questions about products can be posted in the appropriate gear forum instead.
  3. For god sake, run your review through a spell checker and double check for grammar. Your review won't help anybody if they cannot read it. Moderators will remove low quality reviews from this forum.
  4. Add photos! Reviews are boring if you can't show what you are talking about. Use Airsoft Pacific for hosting your images instead of an external source like photobucket, so they will never be broken links in the future. You can either use the "attachment" feature to upload photos, or upload them to your personal gallery and link them here with the various album BBcodes. DO NOT link to off-site photos on other third party websites, that's bandwidth theft and it's annoying.
  5. Private reviewers only. No retailer reviews in the form of advertisements please!
  6. Post full reviews only! Not just a link to a review somewhere else.
  7. This should be obvious, but any review you post should be YOUR OWN original writing, photographs, etc. Don't plagiarize others' work.
  8. Have a video review? Post it here with a youtube BBcode and add your written review below.
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