hop-up patch mod

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hop-up patch mod

Postby spazzticsmurff » Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:56 pm

here is a lil project that i have been playing with for almost a year now. almost every part of it has changed since the first patches that i made. this is the latest rendition so far. i came up with this method because i wanted the benifit of the r-hop without the amount of time it took to properly tune my r-hops for me and my customers. i have gone through quite a few diff materials, some have been good, some not so good.

this is my lil disclaimer:
i have no business conection with hs5 or hunter-seeker armorys. i do however talk with him on a regular basis and am not trying to defraud him when in the future i use the phrase "r-hop style patch" i simply use this term because it is simpler than doing what some others have done and attach some arbitrary letter before the word hop and say its the next best thing.
and when you say r-hop there is alot less explaining because most experienced airsofters know what an r-hop is.
my patches are not any better than the r-hop, mine is just a different method of doing things.


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