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Published on: Sat 02 Dec, 2006

Technical Specs:
Model: ICS AK-74M
Manufacturer: ICS
Cost: $290 (HK) $250 (US)

Interior: 7/10

  • Black version3 mechbox with 6mm metal bushings (one piece box version)
  • Plastic Hop-Up
  • Plastic Spring Guide
  • Mediocre Poly Piston and Head
  • Flat Type ICS Gear Set
  • m90 spring equiv

The box was better than what I expected to see from my past experience with ICS. They have really cleaned up their act with the QC in this mechbox. The piston and piston-head left a little to be desired, but overall it is on par with TM these days. The spring guide was something typical of a TM: black, plastic, functional, and gets the job done, but will wear out eventually. ICS should consider using a bearing spring guide, it may not be as cost effective, but it is a plus the would-be buyer would like to see. The gear set is of better quality than the last generations of ICS's better than TM, not as nice as CA. This replica has also had several thousand rounds put through it and has had no problems. That should dispel some of the questions concerning the durability of ICS gears. Lastly, the ICS replica ships with an m90 stock type spring.

The hop-up is plastic just as the other AK's out there. This one holds its adjustment well and is securely locked into place. I was pleased to see the solid marriage between the nozzle and hop up body. This has been a common place to have lost air efficiency.

Exterior: 9/10
  • Everything is metal that is supposed to be except the butt stock cover
  • Functional adjustable front and rear sights
  • Cleanly molded grips and stock
  • 2 "74/105" type mags included

I was truly impressed with the overall feel of the ICS AK-74M. It is very solid and has no flex. The metal parts are all very well made and the fit and finish is extremely nice. One nice feature is the adjustable sights. I have seen several models cross my table that don't have the rear adjustment. ICS went ahead and did it right, proving they are interested in not cutting corners in quality and detail of this replica. The safety has a solid feel and a nice audible click when put into semi, full, and safe. The last aspect that had "cool factor" was the new type composite magazines. The magazines lock very firmly into place, hence they feed well. Unfortunately through the torture testing in the field a base-plate was lost on the bottom of one magazine. This does not affect function, but a little dirt and grime could end up tearing the magazine up. The AEG ships with two 550 round hi-cap magazines and a 2,000 round bottle of BBs.

Overall: 8/10

The new AK-74M from ICS is an item that any AK shopper should take a serious look at. ICS has reasserted themselves and put a winner on the table in this model. This is a solid budget player's choice with all the upgrades right out of the box. (full metal) ICS does have a little more work to put in on their spring guide/piston/pistonhead choice but has worked flawlessly through out this testing phase. The bottom line is clear: If you are looking for an AK make sure to check this model out. You won't be sorry you did.
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