Socom Gear MK18 Mod1

Socom Gear MK18 Mod1

Postby magpulfan » Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:35 am

A brief review that will be modified over a few days...

Skipping the mk18 history, if you want one, chances are you either know what they are or don't care.

Anyways, to the gun.

The Socom Gear MK18 Mod1 was bought by me from ASGI. It arrived quickly, and safely. Bought it for a steal, so props to ASGI for pretty good deals. This was my first AEG of literally 10-20 that I've owned to have been bought from a retailer BNIB.

To the gun, it came very, very meager. No battery, charger, or even iron sights. But, it came with a KX3 Noveske Amplifier.

Externally: Hands down, best externals I've seen to date. Why? Madbull. MADULL Receivers and RIS. Maybe more MadBull. A mix of MadBull and VFC externals. Resulting in a super sturdy and beautiful gun. My only sadness is slight barrel movement with pressure exerted on it.

Internally: VFC Gearbox anyone? Self-shimming gears, polycarb? piston w/ 1 metal tooth. Ported cylinder, plastic cylinder head, air nozzle, and whatever else should be plastic. METAL selector plate though. All good here.

Accuracy, average. Nothing to write home about. Not bad at all though.

Will do pics later.
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Re: Socom Gear MK18 Mod1

Postby Natek » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:05 am

My Madbull Noveske had the same barrel wobble you're talking about. Unscrew the RIS and barrel nut, should be able to just twist it off, negative threads I think, and expose the outer barrel. You need a hex set and just seat the outer barrel and tighten the hex screws and put it back together. :)
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