HFC M11 Long Term Usage Report

HFC M11 Long Term Usage Report

Postby n5lyc » Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:31 pm

Hi guys, I thought I would start a series of reviews/write ups on a few of the airsoft weapons I own, or have owned, in hopes it may be of some interest of someone who may be looking at the weapon.

While I will just touch on some of the things that have been covered in other media (youtube or other forums) I intend to show more of how they have held up over long term usage.

I will start with my current HFC m11. (FYI, they are made in Taiwan, not mainland China)

I know what everyone has heard, HFC sucks, has plastic bolts, they shatter with green gas and many other things that people that just get one, shoot a mag or 2 through it and then review it like they have owned it for years.

I have always had a love affair with the m11, it was the first real machine gun I ever fired.

It belonged to one of my dads friends, was in .380, and included a suppressor (The weapon was made by RPD)

I have owned several airsoft m11’s over the years, 1 kwa, 1 KSC full metal (with trademarks) and 4 hfc’s.

All have functioned as expected with normal gbb maintenance, after lots of use, I sold all of the previous ones I have owned to other players that enjoyed them also.

So, on to the review.

I have owned this one for over 2 years, I bought it used for $60 from ebay.
I enjoy plinking with it in the back yard, sometimes I bring it to the real steel range and my friends enjoy the hell out of it.

It is nothing to go through a full bag of .2 bbs in an afternoon, using propane.
As far as I can figure, I have put over 30,000 rounds through it since I got it.
Here are some photos of the internals after 30,000 rounds.

The externals are a high grade of plastic, but feel really good and solid, the lower receiver internals are full metal.

The upper receiver internals that house the adjustable hopup and inner barrel and mount to the outer receiver are also metal.

The internals of the bolt are also metal, the external part of the bolt is plastic.
This is considered the ns1 model (if it were a KWA)

This is the valve knocker that bumps the mag valve to actuate the gas, after 30,000 rounds, there is no visible wear (you can even see the factory mold sprue where it was made) there is also no visible wear on the steel loading nozzle.

I have always followed the rules of a m11.
Rule #1, ALWAYS remove the mag before opening the bolt!
Rule #2, ALWAYS use silicone lube in your propane.
Rule #3, always store your mag with gas and lube inside.
Rule #4, see rule #1

I lube about every 4 mags.

I have only had 2 problems with this m11, I have had to replace this small pin that is right over the Phillips screw in the photo of the rear of the bolt.

I lost it during cleaning (it attaches to the spring that holds the gbb chamber to the rear of the bolt.

I started having jamming issues about a month ago, after going through the entire weapon looking for broken/worn parts, I came to the conclusion it was a mag issue, the feed lips had become worn through use.


I replaced the feed lips with a new set from Evike for $8.
I had to move the rubber gas seal to the new part, but was an easy swap.
The part comes off by pushing out the top most pin at the top of the mag, and removing the lips and replacing the new one.


Bottom line?
For $105 for the gun and a fake suppressor, and free shipping you can’t go wrong.

If you are a KWA fan, the NS2 version is $140 with free shipping but you have to buy the fake suppressor.

Keep it lubed (I use KWA lube, little clear bottle with green lid)
Use quality bbs (I use either goldenball or madbull .2’s)
Buy a LOT of bbs, (at over 20 shots a second, it eats bb’s like a fat kid eats m&m’s)
If you are going to skirmish it, get at least 1 extra mag, and learn trigger control.

I think with any of them as long as you follow the manufacturers recommendations, perform regular maintenance, and lube regularly you will have a lot of fun for a long time.

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps in making a decision as to what smg to buy.

45 Bravo
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