weapon attachments/ gear for night play

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Re: weapon attachments/ gear for night play

Postby Norseman » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:59 pm

Yup! Sure thing thar pard!

If’n Yah need me again......just holler into the mine shaft. Or bang a rock against the fryin pan thar by the fire. Just don’t go eatin all of Blackjacks oats liken yah did last time. They ain’t fer human consumption! Dang blasted Mule takes that mighty personal!!!! Why she pulled the durn ore cart all the way to the Grizzly Gulch Feed store and ate her weight in oats before old man Bagby caught her. Now he is part owner in this’n here mine!!! @#&$%!!! I don’t break mah back with ah pickaxe fer that blasted Mule tah eat all the profits! Bring yer own oats!

Keep yer saddle oiled and yer gun greased!
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