Airsoft GI is GIVING AWAY 2 AEGs per week!

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Airsoft GI is GIVING AWAY 2 AEGs per week!

Postby Matt » Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:07 pm

Tim from AirsoftGI wrote to inform us of their latest give away:

Remember the 2007 ONLINE SUMMER GIVE AWAY? This is the new SUPERCRAZYINSANE Online Give Away and it's going on right now at Airsoft GI.

For those of you who came so close to winning free stuff in July but never got anything here is your chance to change your fortune. The SUPERCRAZYINSANE Give Away is going on for 2 months instead of one, we are giving away more valuable prizes, and the grand prize is going to be a fully tuned inside and out Airsoft GI Custom EOD Special, worth over $700.00!

Check out this link for all of the details:

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