Shot Show 2013 first day

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Shot Show 2013 first day

Postby Variable » Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:36 pm

Some of the photos for the first day of the SHOT Show are online over at our Facebook page. ... 666&type=1
Also in the AP Gallery gallery/album.php?album_id=995

Matt is feverishly working to get some of the interviews cut and polished for your viewing.

Just a few of the booths we visited...

Eagle Industries.
They have some new designs of chest rigs, plate carriers, and pouches that add more zippers, more velcro, and more pouches. The addition of side magazine pouches to their plate carrier seems like a useless one, but thats just my opinion. I can't seem to easily draw from my sides with my EPC, YMMV. The real show stopper at Eagle was the doggy gear. They also have hand warmer waist pack. I could see this would be very handy for GBBR users during the winter to store a ready mag with some heaters.

They don't have much new stuff, just improvements on their existing designs. I liked the new 25L squadbak. Seriously, a 25L Camelbak backpack. You'll never have to worry about dehydrating again with this!

They had a VW bus with a (replica) minigun on top. Also some kind of horribly butchered Buell (I think) motorcycle. I think they had firearms accessories there too, but the booth was too full of shooting range ninjas for me to get in.PTS is over at KWA's booth since they are collaborating with them.

The Tachyon is their new boot. Very very light. Under 30oz, made in Vietnam. The rep admitted that it would probably only hold up for 6months of actual use. MSRP will be around $120. Available in all the usual colors. My concern with it is the lack of ankle support.

ASG is a European brand. Some of their stuff is made in Europe but most of it is imported from Asia. They're expanding into the US this year. You'll see some guns that look very familiar. Their AK and M4 series guns nearly identical to the ones Classic Army was making a few years ago. The ASG rep said they weren't doing business with CA anymore, so who is making these replicas is anyone's guess. They have some SVD variants that are sure to get some attention. Their 40mm launcher is just sexy as hell.
ASGs M60 felt really similar to the A&K, but appeared to have a different (better?) gearbox and front end.
ASG's MP9s GBB look and feel a lot like KWAs, I'll need to find out if they're actually rebranded KWAs or not. They have an LPEG version of the MP9 which shoots 150fps and is just a piece of crap. I broke it when I touched it. The Scorpion Evo is slated for release later this year. All of their pistols at the show were CO2, not green gas.
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Re: Shot Show 2013 first day

Postby DRK » Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:50 pm

just to chim in, CA is a hong kong brand. they used to make their own stuff, they do as G&P does. its made in PRC, but "assembled" in hong kong. much how ford "assembles" cars in mexico. echo 1 does the same thing.

as for the m60, A&K also, did not make it. in airsoft, there is a lot of subcontracting, like shotty roofers. A&K's OEM was/is bomber. they made stuff for a lot of people, even going direct with whole WA based guns and PTW clone mags.
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