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Postby Airsoft Pacific » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:09 pm

!!! December is just days away's !!!
!!! What happened to 2017 !!!

Well no video update for this month :( Between attending 6 games in 5 weeks and hosting our own event and then Thanksgiving. WOW, no complaints, Loving It :D … just ran out of time.

AP is Happy to report there are a number of great events on the calendar for December.

Friday 12/8: CQC Basics, hosted by Rentax @ OAA
Want to bone up on your CQC skills after the AP CQC Challenge, of just get in some practice :dual: Rentax of Special Detachment Group 1 is hosting a CQC Training event at OAA

Saturday 12/9: Tac-Ta Cool Christmas @ The SWAMP
This is The SWAMPS Monthly Airsoft Scenario :ownage: at their field in Lebanon, OR

Saturday 12/9: The Chronicles of Grizzly Gulch – Revenge of the Copper Butte Gang, hosted my Spokane Devil Dogs.
This is the next event of continuing cowboy style airsoft scenario :shock:

Friday 12/29 to Sunday 12/31: FACTION Wars @ Camp Rilea – Hosted by Warsport NW
It’s time to bring in the New Year :rockon: with a multi-day event that includes airsoft, movies and a video game tournament :love: You have to check the details out on this one.

Saturday 12/29: Action Acres Monthly OP at their field in Canby
Great local field 8) you need to check it out.

Sunday 12/31: The SWAMPS Monthly Airsoft Scenario
This is The SWAMPS Monthly Airsoft Scenario at their field in Lebanon, OR and on a Sunday for those folks than can’t make Saturday events :D

Well it’s both Surprising :shock: and Great :D there is so much happening in December. We also expect to get some killer video published in the next few weeks from our CQC Challenge, so …..

Stay tuned, Stay Safe & Warm and See you on the FIELD!!!

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