Glock Vector, sort of.

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Glock Vector, sort of.

Postby Grounded » Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:55 am

Ever since its introduction in 2006 the KRISS Vector has the appearance of a next gen weapon with its compact and futuristic design. The second gen was the talk of Shot Show 2011 and airsofters literally lost their minds when they saw it. Including myself, I fancy this weapon so much that I have created a secret Pinterest board that I look at when I am alone on those cold stormy nights with the lights off. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a GBB KRISS Vector or if you can afford the 500 plus dollar price tag you are gonna have to settle for something similar and quite cool. Let me introduce to you the SLONG AIRSOFT G-KRISS XI GLOCK short I call it the Glock Vector or Slong Vector or Glock Slong Vector. You get the idea, it has a funny name.
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

The Glock Vector is available as a complete kit (that you put together) or as the forward grip by itself. Its alleged it will work with all WE /Marui Glock Series GBB pistol AND actually real Glocks!So for $53.30 you can own this accessory. Quite frankly I am considering getting it for my GBB Glock as well. You can find this kit at Shooter CB here and its manufactured by Slong Airsoft.
If you do decide to purchase or want to share your insights let me know and reply here.
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