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Subguns » [WTS] CYMA Thompson M1A1 PRICE DROP!

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  • Advertisement title: [WTS] CYMA Thompson M1A1 PRICE DROP!
  • Price: 90 USD
  • Date: Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:25 pm

  • Description:

    Please text me if you are interested, I'll respond much faster that way. My phone number is in the "Advertiser Info" block above, just under my username.

    All prices are negotiable!

    $90 for just the AEG, package deals at the bottom
    SMG with the WWII style grip. Comes with a hicap mag and real leather sling. Unlike in real life where these things were only good for very close ranges the CYMA tight bore barrel makes this thing very accurate and super fun! Converted to Deans plugs by soldering for better trigger response, rate of fire and efficiency. Also includes a Matrix 8.4v NIMH 1600mAh battery.

    I'm willing to part out the 6 midcap magazines for $50.

    If you are interested in the rest of the gear the helmet is a real steel M1 helmet, same style as used in WWII except for a few minor changes that only a collector will know: $40.

    Package deals:
    Gun and belt and magazine pouches (without the spare mags): $120
    If you want the gun and the 6 extra mid-cap magazines: $130
    Gun, magazines, belt and magazine pouches: $140
    Gun, magazines, belt with mag pouches and 1911 holster: $150
    Gun, magazines, belt, mag pouches, 1911 holster and the helmet: $180

    (The butt pouch and 1911 magazine pouches are sold)

    Edit: Images function appears to be broken, please text me for pictures.

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