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Starts: Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:00 am
Ends: Sat Jun 24, 2017 5:00 pm
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VAL: Rush $15 Prepay

Postby President V » Sun May 14, 2017 4:57 pm


Pre-Registration $15.00
$20.00 Day of Entry.



This months game will be a simulation of Battlefields "RUSH" Game Mode. We are working on having 5 different Mcomm simulation points. As the veterans of Splat Action field know, that means a very dynamic field. Respawn points for both teams will be relatively close to the objective points. Your not here to go on a hiking expedition your here to get some!

FYI- SWAT class, this is gonna be your game!


Welcome to V.A.L.(Vendetta Airsoft League). V.A.L. believes in promoting a healthy eco system of teams and innovative gameplay. V.A.L. is the Urban Warfare Specialty group which gives its player base the opportunity to play in environments that feel like fighting in cities and the need for room clearing tactics are necessary. In the shadow of our game structure you will feel the MilSim(Military Simulation) structure and intensity. Our games are perfect for new never have played airsoft players and Pro players alike. The V.A.L. Cadre gives free basic airsoft soldiering skills to those who request it.

Also consider the following we have a few unique classes that let you live in action new roles that fit your play style. Check out Cruz Foxhound from Phantom Fury video during OP: Uprise.
Playing as an ASSASSIN Pistol and Knife only!!!

V.A.L. is perfect for players who want high speed games with virtually no downtime awhile games are in session. V.A.L. has proprietary classes such as the SWAT, ASSASSINS, JUGGERNAUTS, & VANGELS!!! which bring new threats worth looking out for.


Soldier Classes

SWAT - These Tangos are notorious for being the most diverse and confrontational soldiers. Their weapons are maxed at 350fps but enjoy the power that comes from Full Auto.
ASSASSINS- Masters of stealth and Espionage, a pistol and knife is all they need to secure the contract. 350Fps
JUGGERNAUT- Slow but deadly, these are walking tanks with minds, Enjoy health advantages. Capped at 350FPS
ASSAULT - Well balanced infantry soldier who own the wilderness. Camouflage, range, and all out bad-assery is their song. Capped at 420Fps Semi Only.
LMG/SAW- Similar to Assault class except you get Full Auto. 420Fps Semi Only.
SCOUT SNIPERS-Accuracy, precision, and range... do I need to say more? . Capped at 550FPS Semi Only.

For those of you who have played our games here is the updated rulebook.
Our Rulebook http://vendettaairsoft.com/uploads/PDF/V.A.L.%20X-Game%20Rulebook.pdf



We only allow the use of BIO ammo at our events of .32g BB or less. Your ammo must be checked in when you register. You are currently allowed to bring any BIO BB’s under the following condition below: All ammo must be kept in the original manufacturers bag which must be clearly marked with their label/brand and contain the words “BIO” or “BIODEGRADABLE” per the manufacturer. All Bio Ammo must be verified at the registration table.

All airsoft guns will be subjected to a 3 shot average. Any Airsoft Gun the exceeds the velocity threshold of its class will automatically be bumped up to the next Velocity class and your rifle will be marked as such. You must follow your assigned class limitations. Any pistol above 350fps will recieve a red zip tie in trigger guard to.
With the implementation of the SWAT class the game has changed! We have absolutely believe you should be able to shoot someone at point blank after all we came here to shoot each other. The rule of thumb here is you must shoot someone within 25ft with a pistol that shoots under 350fps with .20g bbs. The SWAT class main weapons are locked under 350fps so they can shoot at any distance and beware they are the only ones who get full auto.


Pistols: Under 350fps(under 1.14J)
SWAT: Under 350fps(under 1.14J)
Assault Rifles: under 420fps anything higher and your a scout. Semi only/(less than 1.48J)
LMG variants: 400fps Less than (1.48Joules)
DMR/Scout: Under 550fps Semi only (May not shoot targets under 100' distance) (Under 2.8J)
Absolutely no magazine limitations, our games are designed to keep you in the action and shooting non-stop. You'll wish you had a box-loader.

Chrono Chart we work with.



V.A.L. understands that not everyone is a hard core airsoft player so feel free to come to our events wearing what ever you wish. All players will be taped regardless. BUT!!! DON'T WORRY!!! We are now using camo colored Duct tape Black vs Tan. The amount of taping necessary is at the discretion of V.A.L. Tape will now be on Both arms and a small piece on your forehead so please wear a hat.

Uniform: Multicam / Desert Camo / ATACS / ACU / PMC Look* (*Event host approval only)
Radio channels Automatically Odd Channels - Starting on channel 7
Blue team is burdened to wear blue tape no matter how great their load out is and true to our standards. Unless they are easily distinguished as blue team.

Uniforms: - Woodland MARPAT / Woodland M81 / ATACS-FG / AOR2 / Russian Camo (no tan variations)
Radios: Yes - Even Channels - Starting at Channel 6 and above
Red team would be burdened by red, a very good attention attracting color so we’ve decided to make red team a no tape team.

RADIO’S (Not Mandatory)
V.A.L. game. Channel 1 will exclusively be used for game intel broadcasting. Channel 1 serves both enemy and friendly teams at all times and may only be used by V.A.L. Cadre. Channels 1-5 are for field use only Channels 6 and greater are open for anyone to use. It is highly encouraged that you use Midland GXT 1050 OR GXT 2050 radios for they have a "Dual Watch," and you can encrypt your channel to discourage enemy trolling or spying which is highly encouraged.

Our Rulebook http://vendettaairsoft.com/uploads/PDF/V.A.L.%20X-Game%20Rulebook.pdf



Splat Action Paintball Park,
32155 S Grimm Rd,
Molalla, OR 97038

9:00AM to 9:45AM Chrono & Registration.
10:00AM First game starts.
01:00PM Lunch Break.
02:00PM Second Game.
04:45PM Game concludes.
06:00PM Field closes.



As some of you know Vendetta Airsoft is coming to the scene with some pretty cool new ideas that is meant to change the game. Here we will post the upcoming exciting things to expect.

  • Hit detection technology coming back very soon. During VAL: Fury operation we managed to break what we thought was a pretty tough box.
  • Our Sand Rail code named "VANGEL." Will be making an apperance in a couple months. The vehicle will be returning with a much bigger roll cage, flashing lights, smoke screens capabilities, and last but not least a 3,000 WATT sound system.
  • We will be unveiling the Juggernaut suites during Summer Slaughter
  • Soon we'll be keeping track of kills and times of the event missions. We believe the player base will like being able to track performance.
  • Vendetta Airsoft will soon be working on an APP that you can use during game play. The APP will have game maps and real time friendly and enemy location tracking capabilities. It will act as a hud and allow players to use tracking and on the fly marking platform. This task will take some time.

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