SRC M4A1 Carbine

SRC M4A1 Carbine

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Published on: Tue 23 Jan, 2007
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The rifle retails for $240 and comes with a hard case, 300 round hi-cap and full metal body.

Part1: Initial impression

OK, so I received the gun on Thursday at work around 12:30. I sure got some funny looks from the girls up front. "is that a real gun," of coarse then I had to explain to them what airsoft is. "Its like paintball but much cooler" I say as I heft this rather large box over my shoulder and head for my office.

So all afternoon I had to stare at this box, just wanting to open it up and take a look. Well, I finally get home and go straight to my garage and tear into it.

First thing I notice, wow that's a nice case. These SRC guns all come in their own cases.



My first impression when I take it out of the case is the weight, it feels really heavy. Right away I set up the chrono, fill the hi-cap and the first rounds out of it are through the chrono.

The 3 samples I took were: 270, 269, 273.

Here are some close up pictures of the AEG.

Metal Body

Front end


More Manuals

After that I played around with it, to get a feel for the AEG. Here are some of my observations: The stock was a bit wobbly. I had to put some 100 mph tape on the buffer tube to eliminate the stock wobble.

Notice 100 mph tape on buffer tube

One other thing of note is that the fore grips are about a quarter inch shorter than TM and CA fore grips. So they are not compatible for upgrades. If you wanted to put a RIS or something on there you would have to either buy SRC parts or do some extensive mods to your front end.

I have an 8.4V nun-chuck battery that I use in my CA M4 and I had to cram it in pretty good to get it to fit in the SRC front end.

Electrical tape to hold the bulging for grips together.

One of the things I really like about the gun is the stock, after I fixed the wobble issue. The LE style stock is a little longer and fits on the shoulder higher than a standard M4, so you don't have to lean your head in as much to sight in.

LE Style Stock

Another thing of note was the black hi-cap that came with it. This clashed with the grey body of the AEG. The only minor issue I found with the body was the gap between the upper and lower receiver where the meet at the rear.

Receiver gap

After I messed around with it for a bit I decided its time to shoot some trees. I took it out into my yard, slapped in the hi-cap and shot a few rounds out of it in semi auto to see where the hop-up was at. It wasn't. They were dropping hard about 40 feet out. Better fix that, so I pulled the charging handle back to reveal the metal hop-up under the dust cover... The charging handle is very tough to pull back and it doesn't quite pull the black cover all the way back. I found that I had to stick my finger in there and help it back a little so the hop-up was more accessible.


After some fine tuning I got the hop-up pretty much dialed in. This hop-up is very sensitive. Just a little too far and the BBs are going straight up in the air. Not enough and they are dropping right in front of me. It took me a few tries to get it just right. The range on the hop-up is good, about 130 feet. After I got the hop-up dialed in I decided to chrono it again. This time it was right around the 280 mark. The AEG had a real nice sound to it when it shot, nice clean sounding action. Crisp is a word that comes to mind.

Part2: Skirmish results

Well, I have spent a lot of time playing this gun and I am impressed. It has held up very nicely. It has seen at least a half dozen skirmishes at Strikezone and 2 outdoor skirmishes.

One of the skirmishes was at Scappoose in the snow and the temp was right around 40 degrees. It was pretty cold. No problems with the gun or hopup.

It never missed a beat or gave me any issues. It feels very solid and takes the punishment.

Overall this gun performed the way I expected a gun to perform. There were a couple minor cosmetic issues and the hopup is a little too sensitive. Is it worth the $240? For a little over the same price you can get a CA M15A4, which are known to be a very reliable and solid gun. But with the added bonus of the case, and it is a very nice case that makes it almost worth the price.

There are some complete packages on [url=""][/url] for around $345 and up. These would make good starter packages.

In closing I would recommend the SRC full metal Ver.2 line of AEGS. They feel solid, have a nice weight and perform well outdoors and indoors.

I will update this review in a few months when I have beat up this gun to the point where its time to perform internal upgrades.
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