New Stuff from G&G at Shot Show 2014

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New Stuff from G&G at Shot Show 2014

Postby Matt » Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:29 am

Caught up with G&G at this year's Shot Show, they've got some great new products but unfortunately not really much happening with the new "G-Box" project everybody is waiting for. We did take a look at the M.A.R.S. gearbox design, featuring a quick detach motor grip, now you can easily swap springs and motors. It's also equipped with a microchip switch and MOSFET system. They're also working on a magazine that will stop the gun from firing when the mag runs out of BBs. No information on a release date for this one yet.

M.A.R.S. Gearbox



TR4 Mod0

The G&G TR4 Mod0 brings some modern bling such as short detachable rails and a detachable front sight, available in Combat Machines line and Top Tech. Looking at a release date on these around March or April of 2014.

Firehawk M4

The new Firehawk M4, a CQB length AEG with small battery capacity in the buffer tube and a newly designed amplifying flash-hider that gives it a distinct sound. They're looking at a release date around March/April of this year.


We also looked at the new M.I.T., or Military Intelligence Tracer Unit... which is a tracer unit, BB counter, and chronograph all in 1. We're told it's going to be around $140. Due to the amount of electronics in this beast, it can be a tad bit heavy. But if you want a chronograph that you can double as a tracer for those occasional night games, may as well buy a 1 piece device that can do it all. They're looking to release this around Summer time.

G&G also tells us they're working on a laser targeting system to work with a unit like this, similar to what we know of as MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System). The hope would be that you could engage targets at distances as much as 300 meters. Could be a game-changer for realistic simulations.


Also of mention, the new 24ct gold plated AK47 was on display. G&G plans to release a limited run of only 500 of these world-wide, and expects it to sell for maybe around $900 - although there's no specific MSRP. As quantities become scarce, prices may climb. So if you want your Lord of War loadout, better look out for this one! Bear with me now, my beard isn't nearly as long to compliment this AK, I know...

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