How to Post Events to the Calendar

This forum is for all games and events within the Pacific Northwest. All organizations/promotors are allowed to post events here, calendar posts are also allowed here.

How to Post Events to the Calendar

Postby Matt » Tue Sep 18, 2007 10:54 am

There's 2 ways to add events to the events calendar.

As a topic...

Use this method to add events to the different event topics. Events in these forums are open to whoever has permissions and access to the forums you are posting to. So for example, if you post an event to a private forum, only members of that private forum will see it on the calendar.

  • Navigate to the appropriate events forum, usually this is Pacific Northwest Events/Games
  • Create your new event topic if it's not already posted
  • Before you submit, click the "Associated Event" tab below the posting details
  • Add a start date/time and end date/time
  • Decide whether or not to allow RSPV
  • Submit and you are done!

Events that do not meet the criteria listed here are subject to removal.

As a calendar item...

Use this method to create events directly on the calendar. This allows you to specify users and groups to invite and create private events. However, there's no discussion topic associated.

  • Navigate to Events / Events Calendar
  • Click the "Add Event" tab
  • Enter an event name, start date and time, end date and time
  • Select who to invite, groups, everyone, or a private selection of folks
  • Select groups or enter individual user names for people you want to invite, if applicable
  • Enter your event's details in the description
  • Hit submit and you are done!
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